Quilted Rag Bag

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I am so excited!!! I've seen lots of demos make these bags and I actually made one myself! At first I thought maybe I'd just buy one but I kept reading how easy they were so I tried it. Now, you have to know that I DO NOT sew - at all. And if you get to check out my bag in person I'm sure you'll see lots of mistakes, but I did it! It's good enough that my mom wants me to make one for her. I followed Angie Juda's directions and used a $19 tiny sewing machine that was in the attic from about 15 years ago - not a "good" one. It's only straight lines, which is why I decided to try it. I cut the material with the Big Shot and the Stampin' Up! Scallop Square Die. It cuts 8 layers at a time! Did you notice my button closure? I had a clear button in my stash, but added the filligree brad on top of it. I love those brads. Just sew on your button, then put the prongs of the brad through the holes and it holds wonderfully. I ran it through the washer and dryer to get the snipped scalloped edges to fray a bit. Oh - I also made the handles longer. I love that you can choose the colors, size, etc. and make it whatever way you want it. What do you think? If I can make one, you can too!


Nancy Amato said...

Just LOVE this, Dawn! I think I will have to try one -- or do you take orders? :-)

helen said...

Cute bag and so addicted is it? I made a couple bags over the weekend and I don't sew either. Thanks for sharing yours.

Alicia W. said...

Love the bag! I have a small stash of blue fabrics that I think would make a great bag. I'll have to get started.