OK - I'm sold!

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Well, this was the perfect day to try out My Digital Studio since we're snowed in. We've got over a foot of snow and the kids couldn't wait to play in it. I only took a few pictures so far (until things are shoveled and cleared for me to move around), but look what I did. This is a first. I took pictures and made a scrapbook page with them the same day!! Actually, this page only took me about 10 minutes!!! Seriously. And this is only the second thing I ever tried with it. It's very user friendly. I'm not giving up my precious paper and fun embellishments, but MDS definately has it's advantages. Did you know you can create slide shows with music and burn to a disc to share? It has lots of possibilites. If you're interested in learning more about My Digital Studio, just let me know. This was fun!