Vacation and Stampers 6 Club

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Finally! I've waited almost all summer to hit the beach. So if you need anything, or have any questions, I'm not ignoring you - just on vacation and will get back to you next week. : )

While I'm gone I have some posts waiting for you (if I did it right) and hoping to fill my Stampers 6 Club. Let me know if you're interested -it's an awesome deal!

What is a Stamper's 6 Club?
Think of the Stamper's 6 Club as a way to get everything from your Stampin' Up! Wish List slowly and affordably - and some of it even for free!

What do I have to do?
Call or e-mail me with a Stampin' Up! order totaling $25 or more once a month for just 6 months! There is no club fee, the money that you spend is only on Stampin' Up! Product.

How does it work?
There will be 6 people in the club and the club will last for 6 months. Since there are 6 people spending at least $25, every club order is guaranteed to total $150 - the minimum order amount needed to earn free stamp sets and products from Stampin' Up! Since there are 6 people and 6 months, this allows each of the club members to take a turn picking out free product.

So it lasts for 6 months, but from when to when?
We will start from August 2008 to January 2009 - the start of another brand new catalog!

How and when do I get orders to you?
You can call or e-mail me with your order and pay by Money Order, Check or Credit Card. The orders/payments are due on the 20th of every month. (except for Aug. b/c I'll be on vacation and the open house will now be on the 29th)

Do I have to attend anything or host a workshop?
No! You are under no obligation to attend or host anything! Of course, you can if you want to!

What are some other club benefits? If the FREE Hostess Exclusive Stamp Sets and FREE Shopping Dollars aren't enough for you, there are some other club benefits as well. Check them out:
  • FREE Catalog!!!! The Fall-Winter 2008 Collection
  • Receive FREE Mini Catalogs directly in the mail from Stampin' Up!
  • During "your" month, you can boost your free stuff with additional orders from friends and family
  • All club members will have the option of coming to stamp at my house at a "Club night" and use my stamps & ink.
  • Special Club member gifts made by me!

How can I join? Just e-mail me or call me at 610.275.8150!