6X6 Class and 7 things

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Here's a Sneak Peek at the 6 X 6 Scrapbook in a Night Class done in Summer Days. This class is available as a kit to go (just add postage). I love the way it turned out. When you sign up, let me know which kit you'd like. They're on pgs. 172 -175. It's a great way to get started scrapbooking, complete a book quickly and they make great gifts.

I've been tagged by Caroline and asked to list 7 facts about me you might not know. OK, here goes:
1) I was a Student Ambassador the summer before my senior year with People to People.
2) I've recently become addicted to Red Velvet Cake Balls (look in Dec.)
3) I taught Second grade and Middle School Art in NC.
4) I was voted MVP for my HS Tennis team.
5) I haven't played tennis in years (but miss it - will play again)
6) I dream of someday writing a children's book.
7) I am NOT a morning person and will try to sleep in any chance I get - which isn't very often.


Aimee said...

We really have the same taste in things! I just made a 6x6 scrapbook using the same paper! You rock!!!

Michelle said...

Hi there...sorry I've been a neglectful SBS! I'm trying to get better.

I love your cards. Thanks for sharing.