More from convention...

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Here are a few more pics from convention.  The chalkboard stand and clips is a room mate gift from Monica - I still have to take pics of my other gifts to share.  Then it's me and Cindy at a Shoebox swap where we made 24 cards and then picked up 25 already made for us.  Very nice cards!  I literally arrived at the hotel, met my room mates, put my stuff down and then headed out for this.  So tired after this, but totally worth it!

On Wed. night I joined my roomies for another meeting and made some really cool projects like the stand up scrapbook (spread out here) and a digital hybrid page designed by Cindy.  (Look at the difference in just a few changes in the second one!)

Swapping and sharing continued through the entire time - here's us in the room with a few more friends sharing ideas.  Thanks Michele - didn't even know you took this one!