RemARKable Going Green Blog Tour - Post 1

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Welcome to the going Green Blog Tour!!  Here's my first idea - recylcing those twist off bottlecaps!
Transform those bottlecaps by washing them out and adding some designer paper and embellishments.  Here you can see I made inital ones.  M for my son, who wanted it to be a magnet for his school locker, and K for my daughter, who wanted it as a necklace. For both of these I punched out designer paper with a 1" circle punch and then cranked out the intials on my Big Shot with the Billboard Die.  I wanted them a little higher up inside so I punched a few more circles out of scraps to glue behind my design. For the M - simply add a magnet on the back with a strong adhesive.  For the K, take your Crafter's Tool Kit and hammer a hole along the rim sort of close to the edge with the paper piercer - or you could use a nail.  This is fairly easy to do as the metal isn't that hard. Then I put a 6mm jump ring through that hole to make it a charm.  Use Crystal Effects to glue your pieces in and add a thick layer of it on top to seal everything in.  Trash to treasure!


Becky Jensen said...

What a great idea - thank you for sharing!

Kelly Ward said...

These look great! I'm definitely going to have to try this!