Little Bird Notes

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So I thought you could use a break from the Fifth Ave. Floral (even though it is awesome) and show you something I'm making for a craft fair the end of May. The stamped bird is from Cheep Talk and the matching paper is from Good Morning Sunshine. Gotta love the Pacific Point striped ribbon too. So, my big question is how much should I charge for these little notepads? I have a number in mind, but would like to see if it's what you would expect. Let me know and I'll pick a commenter to recieve a little birdie card from me. Thanks!


Aimee said...

This is so cute! $3-5?

Stephanie A said...

I make these and sell them in my booth for $4.00. I think anywhere
between $3 - $5 is a decent price.
These are cute. I also decorated the back side of the paper so they could reverse it.

Tammy Glaser said...

That is a super cute idea and love the birds. I do crafts also and shows, I would suggest $4-5. I haven't ever made those. Good luck.