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Saying goodbye to one of my favorites on the Retiring list. Well, I plan on keeping this one, but you know what I mean. Wild Rose makes wonderful cards very quickly with it's big rose and sweet rosebud. The Wild Wasabi and Not quite Navy one is from my last stamp camp and the Cranberry/Old Olive one is one I unfortunately had to make for a friend. I made them both sympathy cards, but they would also work well for birthday, mother's day, get well, etc. The 2 step stamping gives them great detail. I did use that stamp a ma jig to help line them up. I also used some hodgepodge hardware and double stitched WW grosgrain ribbon on the first, which are both retiring as well. Hurry up and order these all before they're gone!!

On a totally different note:

Look at what my husband let my son get while they were away!!!!

I noticed mohawks were coming back at the end of the school year (?!), but never thought my son would have one. Ugh! Is this popular anywhere else? I just hate to think how long this will take to grow out. He's still a cutie, but... I don't think my hubby will be taking the kids by himself again for quite some time. : )


Sheila said...

I don't think the craze has caught on in the Uk yet, but no doubt it will as wealways seem to play catch-up on US crazes. You will laugh about it with him one day!

Lovely classy cards. The tone is just right and the soft subtle colours. Beautiful.

Sheila : )

Anonymous said...

Love your new cards!

craftyscot said...

gorgeous cards Dawn and as for the hairdo, my son would love one as well so I daren't let him see your blog :0)

Sonja said...

you know, i saw two litle boys last week in the store with the same hair cut. everything comes back around, doesn't it.

mel4christ said...

That's so funny. I know what you mean. Sat my hubby took the kids out and came home with a puppy!!! Did I mention, I'm allergic to them!!!!!!! Yikes, these men!!! LOL!

He's a cutie!!!!!!